Artificial Grass Cost

Abigail Matthews | 07/26/14

If you plan to have a waterless yard with no live plants, you can include some green artificial grass to make it look alive.

Billy Dowdle | 07/26/14

If you've moved to a dry climate from the midwest, you probably want to have some green in your waterless yards landscaping.

Dale Schomaker | 07/25/14

Saving water by installing synthetic turf is a great way to help your community.

Claudine Flatcher | 07/24/14

Living in the desert means you should be using less water.

Donna Poe | 07/23/14

If you have palm trees in y our yard, we can go around them when installing artificial lawn grass.

Brittany Suarez | 07/22/14

If you need help designing your artificial waterless yards landscape design, we can help you with that. Call on one of our artificial grass dealers to remove your real grass and install artificial grass in its place.

Jane Fleming | 07/21/14

Saving money on your water bill is possible when you install artificial lawn grass in your yard.

Harry Chambers | 07/21/14

If you live in an area where there is a home owners association, be sure that they will allow you to use fake grass in your landscape planning.

Heather Okubo | 07/21/14

You can put boulders on the artificial grass and make it look even more real.

Heidi Mclaughlin | 07/20/14

You can throw away your lawn mower when we install green landscaping with artificial grass in your yard. When you plan your landscape makeover, be sure to include a patch of artificial grass in your desert landscaping.

Dana Hogan | 07/18/14

Using artificial lawn grass is a great way to add a pop of color to your front yard.

Charlenew Willey | 07/18/14

You can have a lot more fun with your family when you don't need to worry about lawn maintenance.

Alexandra Black | 07/18/14

Saving money on lawn maintenance is a good thing.

Beverly Parker | 07/17/14

If you remember the plastic fake grass from years ago, you really should check out the new models of synthetic turf that are being designed today. You will save money on landscape maintenance when you replace your real grass with our waterless grass option.

Debra Jones | 07/16/14

If you are tired of rising water bills, rip out your grass and let us install artificial grass in its place.

Carol Baker | 07/14/14

You can stop worrying about weeding your lawn when you have a green landscaping plan that includes synthetic turf.

Francine Dunner | 07/12/14

Remember that green landscaping is good for the environment and for your wallet as well. Artificial turf is very easy to clean when you wash it with your hose.

Catherine Macdonald | 07/10/14

Conserving water is something everyone living in the desert should do.

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