Artificial Grass Cost

James Marcopoulos | 07/21/14

Saving money on your water bill is possible when you install artificial lawn grass in your yard.

Jennifer Anderson | 07/19/14

Artificial turf is very easy to clean when you wash it with your hose.

Gemma Saienni | 07/18/14

Saving water by installing synthetic turf is a great way to help your community.

Frank Hettick | 07/17/14

Be sure to check with your local garden center to learn what type of plants will grow best in your area.

Anora Densmore | 07/17/14

You can save a lot of money on water if you replace your real grass lawn with artificial grass lawn.

Gayle Hodges | 07/15/14

Conserving water is something everyone living in the desert should do.

Cathy Darlington | 07/13/14

Desert landscaping does not mean having not plants whatsoever, it may just include waterless yards.

Heather Jandourek | 07/12/14

If your artificial grass looks a little dusty, just grab your garden hose and rinse it off. You don't need to keep your drip watering system if you install synthetic turf in your yard.

Greg Hunter | 07/11/14

There are many types of desert plants you can include in your desert landscaping. Green landscaping with artificial grass and synthetic turf is a great way to help the environment.

Ann Cox | 07/11/14

If you have a landscape that has lots of real grass and trees, you can help save water by taking out your live grass and putting in artificial grass.

Danielle Stowell | 07/10/14

For people who love to play golf, we can install a synthetic turf putting green in your yard.

Diane Urata | 07/10/14

You can add a stone path to your artificial grass and make it look very real.

Dan Smith | 07/10/14

If you plan to have a waterless yard with no live plants, you can include some green artificial grass to make it look alive.

Colleen Price | 07/10/14

If you hate to cut grass and weed, you will love having an artificial grass lawn.

Colleen Lynch | 07/09/14

Your family will enjoy being in the yard when you have a desert landscaping with fake grass they don't need to maintain.

Greg Martin | 07/09/14

Green landscaping that includes desert plants and waterless yards made of synthetic turf are used quite a lot in the desert southwest.

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artificial grass cost